Youth Mentoring Programs for After School and More​

When your child is faced with obstacles in life, he or she may direct their feelings in the wrong way through harmful actions or emotions. At Vertical Outreach, we reach out to children and help them express themselves in a healthy and effective way through our mentoring programs.

Children need extra guidance when growing up. We aim to help your child communicate at home, in school, and throughout life in an appropriate and supportive setting. Our mental health specialists work with kids and adolescents to address their social and behavioral needs.

From conflict resolution to communication skills, we help your child learn skills and build habits that will support them throughout their whole life.

After School and Community Mentoring

The mental health specialists at Vertical Outreach go the extra mile for our mentoring members. One-on-one training, coaching, and mentoring makes sure your child is on the right path. To help children grow in social settings, we also plan outings for members in fun and educational places. 

Our mental health specialists are always planning activities and supervising each child’s progress to help them build healthy mental and behavioral habits.

Put your child on the right path today. Call Vertical Outreach and ask about our mentoring programs.