" When Vertical Outreach came into my family's life it truly was a blessing in disguise. Talk about right place and right time. I was one of those single hard head stubborn mothers who never asked for help because I didn't want to seem like a failure or incapable of doing the "mom thing" being as I am mom and dad. But boy did I need the help of an outsider looking in to help and to guide me better with raising my children. Vertical Outreach has changed our lives for the better and they LISTEN TO MY NEEDS, with wants and concerns with my babies' routine and giving them a structured environment. My children have never been more open and honest about their emotions and feelings and expressing them in the correct way instead of turning to violence, yelling or fighting. Tara started off with my children and did wonders with my oldest, now we have Reva who literally came in "flowed right along with the current beautifully" so to speak and picked up right where Tara left off with out missing a single beat. The teamwork and services Vertical Outreach provides is absolutely AMAZING! I've recommend tons of people for their services and will keep doing so. "​
In the past I was the type that had trouble with wanting to go see a therapist and "talk to a stranger" about my issues and most personal thoughts and feelings but I started to think about it and one day I decided to go for it. I was tired of the way I felt and who I was. I was tired of the every day depression, anxiety and even though rare, sometimes suicidal thoughts. I was tired of thinking negatively and being negative all the time and I wanted to change so many things in my mind but didn't know how to. So I went for it and it has been life changing for me. I never thought I would benefit from therapy because I knew they couldn't fix my problems but what I have learned is that, while they can't fix my issues, they can help me learn how to cope with them and view things differently. My therapist started with helping me learn how to love myself first and through different discussions and projects I am learning to do that. Not in a "I'm better than anyone" way but in a way that I can be proud of myself and I can look at myself in the mirror without hating myself and without feeling so many negative emotions about myself. I can look in the mirror and love myself for who I am and not see who I was or what I had been through. It truly is a powerful feeling. With that being said I wanted to take some time to talk about what my therapist has been working with me on. The "past and future" paper was something she wanted me to do. She wanted me write everything I felt in my past from as early as I could remember up until my most recent past. Then she wanted me to write what I felt currently or what I could see for my future. What emotions had I felt and what I do feel or what I could see myself feeling. This was her way of figuring out how I viewed myself and what I had gone through mentally and how I'm doing now. We went over each word on each side and discussed why and when I felt that way and she had me smiling and crying all in the same conversation. Lol Then she told me that she wanted me to start doing more for myself. Start improving on how I look (because I told her I feel better when I wear makeup and do my nails and such) because I was doing it very rarely and didn't like that about myself and to take care of myself emotionally by letting go of anything that caused negative emotions, including people. Lol So I got my nails done and I've been trying to wear makeup and look pretty more often and focus on me a little more and I've gotten rid of alot of negative people. I've still got a long way to go but I'm on my way haha Today she brought me 12 hearts and told me that she wanted me to write something that I love about myself on each of them so, even though it took me some time, I did it and it made me realize that I am valuable in many ways. So I wanted to encourage anyone else who may be critical of themselves to do the same thing! Get out some paper, cut hearts and write what you love about yourself and see for yourself, why you are valuable and what's to love about you! Anyway I just wanted to share because I just love my therapist and I love how much she has helped me and I wanted to encourage anyone else who may be skeptical about getting therapy and tell you about how life changing it can be. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day! 💖