Back to School Savings


It’s back to school time again! So, tell me, anyone out there actually like the back to school dent in your budget and schedule? Me either. Take a look at some of these hacks to keep your money and your time well spent.

Uniforms go on clearance everywhere once the back to school craze ends! Buy more then, and buy a size up! You’ll be prepared for the rest of the school year. I buy all clothes for my family off season.  Stores need to get rid of merchandise not in season. Some stores go as high as 80% off.  Try department stores such as Macy’s and JC Penny, they have a big selection and name brands.

Save money and time! Use sites like Pinterest and Type in “low cost crock pot recipes.” You now have the recipe for a healthy hot dinner on a budget with little effort!

Enjoy the movies but not the cost?  Use reward cards! They are worth it!  If you are near an AMC, get a stubs card.  Standard showings are $5 on Tuesdays, and you build rewards that can be used on anything, including concessions! Plus, you skip the line with VIP status. Check your local theaters for their offers!

The era of the app has replaced time consuming couponing. I don’t shop anywhere without downloading their app.  Many places offer a discount just for downloading it, and you will either receive coupons on your phone, or be able to collect points to reach an incentive.  Also, Google “promo codes” for online items, you can frequently get a coupon or free shipping.  Why spend money you don’t have to?

Look local first.  Use Facebook marketplace, Let Go, and other apps that help you find what you’re looking for in your neighborhood that someone else may not want!

Scrapbooks and photo albums are thoughtful gifts and cost little. From hand-painted champagne flutes, to a framed picture of my sons feet with a little poem in it, these are the gifts the touch the heart.  A dollar store trip for crossword books, warm socks, a teabag, and a coffee mug in a pretty basket is a great get well gift!

Download GoodRx.  It will price match medications at all pharmacies near you.  The last time I used it, I saved $40 on a prescription.

Use apps like Kayak, Priceline and (my favorite) Hotwire for travel needs.  It makes renting a car, booking a hotel room, booking a flight a low cost, time saving swipe on your phone.

Price match!  Almost all large retailers price match each other.  Target has a sale, but you don’t live near one? Pull up the ad on your phone and show the retailer, most will match it.


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