Behavioral and
Mental Health

Behavioral and Mental Health Services



For a happier and healthier life, we offer ongoing help to children and adults who need a little extra support throughout their days.



We are here for friendly talks and guidance at the office or in your home. Start your new path without any troubles.



For kids feeling lost, we are here to share advice and knowledge while spending time with them inside and outside of the office.

Talk to Someone Today, and Together, We'll Find You the Right Path

Mental Health and Behavioral Health Services for You

At Vertical Outreach, we aim to help kids and adults who are struggling with something in their life. With care and understanding, our trained mental health specialists help you or overcome the trials that are making life harder.

Our care does not stop at the office door. With regular events, we keep in touch with you and make sure you are on the right path. Your growth and progress toward happiness is always our goal, and we make every effort to meet your needs with the proper mental health and behavioral health therapy and counseling.

Our certified and caring mental health specialists are always available to help, day or night. From helping you work through troubles as an adult to interacting with kids and helping them understand how they feel, we are certified to help with any situation or problem.

Call our emergency number to speak to a mental health specialist at any time and for any reason. We are here for you

There are no upcoming events at this time.
" When Vertical Outreach came into my family's life it truly was a blessing in disguise. Talk about right place and right time. I was one of those single hard head stubborn mothers who never asked for help because I didn't want to seem like a failure or incapable of doing the "mom thing" being as I am mom and dad. But boy did I need the help of an outsider looking in to help and to guide me better with raising my children. Vertical Outreach has changed our lives for the better and they LISTEN TO MY NEEDS, with wants and concerns with my babies' routine and giving them a structured environment. My children have never been more open and honest about their emotions and feelings and expressing them in the correct way instead of turning to violence, yelling or fighting. Tara started off with my children and did wonders with my oldest, now we have Reva who literally came in "flowed right along with the current beautifully" so to speak and picked up right where Tara left off with out missing a single beat. The teamwork and services Vertical Outreach provides is absolutely AMAZING! I've recommend tons of people for their services and will keep doing so. "
- Ashleigh

Affording the Mental and Behavioral Health Services You Need

Your health is always our first concern. We aim to make our mental and behavioral health services and aid affordable for you in your time of need. We accept most insurance plans and will work with you to get you the care you need.

Call Us Today to Find Out How You Can Get the Help You Need


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